About us

Rowisoft is a dynamic and creative space that goes beyond traditional software development. It’s a hub of innovation where new ideas are explored and unconventional approaches to software creation are embraced. With a commitment to curiosity and imagination, Rowisoft pioneers unique software solutions and shapes the future of technology. It’s not just about making software; it’s about pushing boundaries and crafting a new era of software development.

Company History

Since its founding in 1999, Rowisoft has established itself as a leading provider in software development, ranging from children’s games to sophisticated ERP systems.

Starting from 2004, the focus shifted towards ERP software development, introducing products such as ‘Rowi-Auftrag,’ ‘Rowi-Kaufmann,’ and the widely adopted ‘Rowisoft blue,’ which sold 7000 copies.

In 2018, Rowisoft introduced a cloud-based ERP system that rapidly gained over 2000 paying customers. Following the sale of the cloud ERP project in 2020, the company shifted its focus to utalic, a revolutionary no-code and low-code software development platform.

utalic enables businesses of all sizes to efficiently create apps, providing a faster and more cost-effective solution.

Rowisoft stays at the forefront of software development, offering process-enhancing solutions and promoting business growth through its CRM and ERP software expertise. Since 2023, Rowisoft has been developing new CRM and ERP solutions based on its proprietary low-code development platform, thereby creating modern, highly adaptable solutions.

Our mission

Our company’s main goal is to create various types of high-quality software that make our customers’ work lives easier.

We aim to develop tools that simplify tasks and enhance productivity, using innovative technology to streamline processes. Our focus is on understanding our clients’ challenges and creating software that aligns with their needs. Ultimately, we want to be a driving force for positive change, providing solutions that empower businesses and contribute to more efficient work experiences for our customers.

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